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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
1792: Onward, To Victory!
January 1792
WAR DECLARED ON FRANCE, BATAVIA, LOMBARDY, AND SAVOY! The French Army cowers in Paris. We shall thrust south into Aquitaine. Then it is onward to SPAIN! We have no yet made peace with these cowards! I have decided to deliver this declaration of war myself. I want to see the look on Louis' face when I deliver it. I gave me Secretary orders to begin the training for a new regiment of Lancers. I hope they will be completed when I return for Paris.

I set sail tonight!

Research Cash Withdrawal: 478 GOLD
Lancers Recruiting in England

February 1792
The look on Louis' face when I told him that he was at war with us again was priceless. He is such a coward. I took a carriage out of Paris to Orleans and then into Brittany. I crossed the border and inspected our army as it prepared for war. Wellington's men had improved our defenses in Brittany and settled down to defend it. Barnard, however, was pleased to be going on the offensive and his men were practicing town assaults in Southern Brittany. As I left for London, Barnard crossed the border.

Upon my return to London, I learned that the Danes had declared war upon Britain in support of France. Before I could even counsel him against it, the King paid the Danes a modest sum to avert war. THIS EXTORTION MUST STOP! One day, I will relish the total decimation of Denmark and the recovery of these funds! On the bright side, the Academy completed their research into Market Reform and have moved on to Journalism. I had planned to immediately begin construction on an Office of Internal Trade Management, but I donít want to lock down our treasury reserves as we head into war.

Denmark DOW England
Research Complete: Market Reform
New Research Topic: Journalism
Barnard into Aquitaine
Peace with Denmark for 530 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 650 Raw Materials for 550 GOLD
March 1792
Portugal has finally made peace with Spain, annexing Andalusia. This bodes well for our future plans for that decrepit country. Barnard has seizing control of Aquitaine and France has accepted peace; albeit for a hefty payment from the British Treasury to cease hostilities. However, within days of the treaty, British manufacturers were receiving a flood of French orders for Raw Materials. With peace secured, I have ordered Barnard into Catalonia to secure it for annexation. Wellington has moved south into Aquitaine now that the possibility of French invasion is negated.

A new regiment of Lancers is complete in England. When I activate Captain Picton, it will be at the head of a cavalry division. With peace secure, I can also safely allocate funds to the construction of a Department of Trade in London. I have ordered a second regiment of Lancers into training.

Portugal makes peace with Spain; annexes Andalusia
Peace with France: 1300 GOLD: Annexation of Aquitaine
Commercial Treaty with France: 1000 Raw Materials for 1400 GOLD
Wellington to Aquitaine
Barnard to Catalonia
Lancers complete in England
Lancers Recruiting in England
Construction Begins on Department of Trade in England
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
April 1792
A very slow month in London. I wish the King would send me on vacation again. Maybe after we have captured Catalonia, I can take a siesta to the Costa del Sol! My only important act the whole month was to give Wellington the confirmation to enter Aragon. How boring!

Wellington to Aragon
May 1792
With Aragon and Catalonia under our control, Spain had little choice but to accept a gentle peace. I have ordered Wellington and Barnard back into Aquitaine now and given a long-term order to return to England. Wellington will finally get his wish to invade Batavia. The second regiment of Lancers is finished. When we can spare the funds, I shall begin training a third.

Peace with Spain: 560 GOLD: Catalonia and Aragon annexed
Commercial Treaty with Spain: 425 Raw Materials for 600 GOLD
Wellington and Barnard to Aquitaine
Lancers Complete in England
June 1792
The Department of Trade is complete and we are rolling in money from internal commerce. It is a glorious day! The Academy has established Journalistic standards and moved on to improved espionage techniques. Wellington and Barnard have finally returned to Brittany. Next month they can board the Amphibious Assault Squadron and return to the Channel to pick up Picton and sail on Batavia. On a different note, France has made peace with Hannover.

Department of Trade Completed
Research Complete: Journalism
New Research Topic: Secret Service
Wellington and Barnard to Brittany
France makes peace with Hannover
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