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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
July 1790
The Dutch remain complacent and negotiations to end this war quickly have begun. The crown has no interest in extended conflict and lacks the will to devote the resources necessary to pursue a quick conclusion. Our alliance has collapsed and the crown lacks the funds or the will to extend it for another year. I wished the ambassadors for our former friends the best of luck as they left for home. I hope the foreign situation improves soon, I feel we are becoming increasingly isolated diplomatically.

British Navy sails to English Channel
Defensive Alliance Expires: Relations too bad to afford renewal
August 1790
PEACE WITH BATAVIA! While I question the wisdom of paying for a peace treaty to a nation with no potential to threaten our nation as they lack a fleet or land route to Norway. However, the stipulation that funds paid for peace would be used solely on English imports proved to lessen the true cost of the treaty.

Our new primary schools in England were completed and research has expanded greatly. We have completed our research on Basic Infantry and our efforts are now directed towards Basic Cavalry. A military academy has been placed under construction in England to help train these new troops.

Primary School Completed in England
New Research Point Generation: 1140
Research Complete: Basic Infantry
New Research Topic: Basic Cavalry
Building Construction Begins: Military Academy in England
Peace with Batavia: 550 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Batavia: 475 Raw Materials for 550 GOLD
September 1790
Another slow month. The military academy has been completed and work has begun on a new infantry training programme.

Military Academy Completed in England
Building Construction Begins: Basic Barracks in England
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
October 1790
The new infantry training programme has been constructed along with the Trade Branch in Ile De France. New funds are flowing in from the continent now. I have received the order from above to re-organize the military. A new regiment of Line Infantry was placed in training and I have ordered Wellington to unload in Kent and return to London to homogenize his division with the new recruits. I plan placing a full division of light infantry under Captain Barnard. Of course, they will need to be trained first.

Bad news from the Continent. France has declared war on Hannover. Their allies in Prussia and Saxony have joined the war as well, but I doubt they will be much use. French units have begun moving into Champagne in preparation for an attack.

Basic Barracks Completed in England
Trade Branch Completed in Ile De France
Line Infantry Recruiting
Wellington returns to England
France declares war on Hannover, Prussia and Saxony Join War
Research Cash Withdrawal: 369 GOLD
November 1790
Our research into Basic Cavalry is complete. I have ordered a new focus on Artillery Industry. The new regiment of Line Infantry has been transferred to Wellington; who has been ordered back onto the HMS Leviathan. Barnard and Wellington's newly released Light Infantry regiment have been ordered to the barracks at the Military Academy in London to conserve food. A new regiment of Light Infantry has been placed into training.

Research Complete: Basic Cavalry
New Research Topic: Artillery Industry
Line Infantry Completed in England
Light Infantry Recruiting in England
Wellington now commands 3 line infantry regiments / loaded on Leviathan
Barnard and Light Infantry Regiment confined to Barracks
December 1790
BETRAYAL! Denmark declares war AGAIN! Newspapers are awash with anti-Danish diatribes. The diplomatic corps were only able to avert an invasion of Norway and attain peace by bribing several key Danish authorities with lucrative Raw Materials contracts. This act of extortion is below even Danish standards of decency. Indeed, the world appears to be unravelling quickly. Helvetia has declared war on France in support of Hannover and Portugal has declared war on Spain. On a different note, I have ordered the construction of a new stable in London to train cavalry for our army.

Denmark Declares War again
Denmark bribed with 575 GOLD
Commercial Treaty = 525 Raw Materials for 575 GOLD
Building Construction Begins: Basic Stables in England
Helvetia declares war on France
Portugal declares war on Spain
18:10 30-11-2006
Resource stockpile report
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