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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
1793: The End of an Era
January 1793
Batavian occupation continues. Wellington reports strong progress in assimilation. Scottish fishermen report sighting a Russian sloop in the North Sea. The North Sea Squadron confirms this within days. Disturbing reports of Russian atrocities in Sweden have begun to filter into border villages along the Norwegian/Swedish border.

Annexation 55% complete
Russian navy sighted in North Sea
February 1793
The annexation of Batavia is nearly complete. I have received reports from the Netherlands that the office of the Stadholder has been completed destroyed and replaced with an English system of provincial governance. A regiment of light infantry has been trained in England. I have ordered a new regiment of Lancers into training. Things are progressing well. When Wellington returns to England with his army, he will be able to replenish his losses completely.

Annexation 83% complete
Light Infantry complete in England
Lancers Recruiting
March 1793
SPAIN DECLARES WAR! The fools! They have a single regiment of cavalry at their command and they believe they can defeat us? Perhaps they believe we will pay them off like we have the Danish. They are wrong. Wellington has completed the annexation of Batavia and his army has begun boarding ships to return home. The annexation of Batavia has brought in great new sources of wealth, a healthy population to fight for our cause, and new scientists for the Royal Academy. Things are looking up!

Spain declares war
Batavia annexed: 2964 GOLD, 1185 FOOD, 441 RAW, 1626 POP
New Research Points Per Turn: 1365
Army onto Fleet
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
April 1793
DENMARK DECLARES WAR! And once again, my king pays their ransom. I have wasted enough time questioning this policy, perhaps it is for the best. With Denmark pacified through bribery, Wellington is free to bring terror to our enemies elsewhere.

It is an exciting time in London. The world is ablaze with news. Newspapers report that the Portuguese army trapped the French invasion force in Grenada and destroyed it. This has cost the Portuguese dearly. Perhaps Wellington can pay a visit to Lisbon once the Spanish are dealt with. In the frozen north, Russia has annexed the nation of Sweden by force. This brings the Russian bear to our doorstep. Russian diplomats stress that Russia does not want war with Britain, but who can be sure?

Spain has sent their tiny army to occupy Catalonia. One wonders if they shall stay there once Wellington begins his march on Madrid. When he does, he will have access to the best military intelligence in the world. Our secret service has been expanded by the construction of a new Department of Information in London.

Wellington's fleet has entered the Channel. The new Lancers are finished training. When Wellington arrives, he can resupply and reorganize before setting sail for Spain. I have ordered another unit of Lancers into training as well. I have a sense they will play a pivotal role in Iberia and replacements will be needed.

Portugal defeats French army in Andalusia
Russia mil-annexes Sweden
Spain invades Catalonia with one regiment of cavalry
Denmark declares war
Department of Information finished
Fleet to Channel
Peace with Denmark: 575 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 700 Raw Materials for 575 gold
Lancers complete
Lancers recruiting
May 1793
A slow month of preparation. Wellington has landed in Kent and his army is filtering up into the Midlands. Our resource stockpiles continue to grow prodigiously. I wonder what the king is keeping these vast reserves for?

Unload army in England
June 1793
Wellington’s army has been replenished and begun re-boarding the Amphibious Assault Squadron. He will be in Spain in just a few months! With a growing reserve of troops at home and no available commanders of worth, I have ordered the military academies to send me their best students for review.

Replenish Army
Army onto Fleet
Lancers complete
Captain recruiting
Research Cash Withdrawal: 606 GOLD
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