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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
July 1795
All vessel carrying troops have set sail for the Wadden Sea. The remainder have gone to the Channel to be re-organized.

Sloops carrying troops to Wadden Sea
HMS Leviathan to Channel (empty)
August 1795
Moore has remained onboard the fleet due to a lack of garrison space while Calder, Picton, and Fraser land in Batavia. Once the army is restructured, Moore can land.

Calder, Picton, and Fraser to Batavia
September 1795
The army has been reorganized and garrisoned so that Moore can make a landing. The Iberian garrison has been activated under Colonel Somerset and marched into Catalonia. The time has come for war. The existence of France as a great power is coming to an end. Judgement day is upon us. May god grant us all mercy for what we must do.....

The official notification of hostilities has been set to Paris. We march on the first of the month to our destiny....

Army Restructuring in Batavia
Fraser to Barracks with 1 lightly damaged Line Infantry and 1 lightly damaged Lancers
Moore to Batavia
Somerset and 3 light infantry in Madrid march into Catalonia
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
October 1795
The invasion has commenced. Colonel Moore and Colonel Fraser have marched into Champagne. Somerset's Iberian Division has invaded Provence. The main army, led by Wellington's men marching south from Jutland, has invaded Hannover to trap and destroy the main French army there.

The war with France has also brought us into conflict with Piedmont once more. As we do not wish to be troubled by their listless army of roving militia, we have paid a modest sum for peace. The Royal Academy has completed their investigation into Cultural Influence and moved on to a deeper study of Foreign Policy.

Research Complete: Cultural Influence
New Research Topic: Foreign Policy
Peace with Piedmont: 750 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Piedmont: 1000 RAW for 800 GOLD
Somerset to Provence
Moore and Fraser to Champagne
Wellington, Calder, and Picton to Hannover
November 1795
VICTORY IS OURS! The French army is completely shattered. The regiment caught in Champagne by Moore and Fraser, unfortunately, escaped to Paris to join with some militia there. Moore and Fraser have moved to pursue them. This would leave Champagne undefended, so I have ordered Calder there to pick up the slack. Picton and Wellington, however, have been ordered into Helvetia.

The King has ordered that Hannover be liberated instead of taken for our own. This act of generosity has resulted in sympathy increases across the continent for England. When Picton and Wellington free Helvetia from French control, if we are not loved by the nations of Europe, we will at least not be hated anymore.

The generous stipend sent to Simon Bolivar, the rebel leader fighting against the remnants of the Spanish Empire in South America has paid enormous dividends. The Spanish army has been crushed in Peru and Bolivar has sent experienced soldiers back to serve in the King's army. It is a glorious time to be a British subject!

VICTORY IN HANNOVER! Losses = 1/2 regiment of lancers, ~3 regiments of line infantry; French lose 308 soldiers
Enemy flees in Champagne, evades capture, retreats to Paris
Moore and Fraser to Ile De France
Calder to Champagne
Picton and Wellington to Helvetia
December 1795

The French army has been utterly annihilated. The main force in Hannover is long dead and the destruction of the last defenders of Paris is finished. Calder has already moved into Batavia to return home. Somerset has been sent home to Madrid. Fraser has moved south to take over Somerset's duties and Moore west to take over Calder's. Wellington and Picton have moved into Provence. I think the King plans on keeping a full army in Provence to deal with any future French or Italian uprisings.

With the excess troops evacuating to England, we can form a second invasion army. Perhaps we shall send it to Sweden?

Additionally, a surprising message arrived from Lombardy. Apparently in awe of our destruction of France, they have decided to sue for peace.

With France crushed and broken, peace with them is only a matter of time. The King has decided to spend a large portion of his resource stockpile on a huge building program. An Advanced Barracks is under construction in England. Additionally, the king has ordered the building of Consulates in Hannover, Helvetia, Saxony, and Morocco. These nations may eventually be persuaded to peacefully accept annexation, instead of endure the fate of the already defeated nations; France, Denmark, Batavia, Spain, and Portugal.

VICTORY IN ILE DE FRANCE! Peasants crushed
Calder to Batavia
Picton and Wellington to Provence
Somerset to Catalonia
Fraser to Provence
Moore to Champagne
Peace with Lombardy: They pay 9194 GOLD
Building Construction Begins: Advanced Barracks in England
Building Construction Begins: Consulate in Hannover
Building Construction Begins: Consulate in Helvetia
Building Construction Begins: Consulate in Saxony
Building Construction Begins: Consulate in Morocco
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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