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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
1795: The Empire Grows!
January 1795
The French annexation of Hannover continues, but it is picking up speed now. Our invasion army has begun landing in Norway. We shall know the outcome by the end of the month. Wellington's division on the HMS Victory has set sail for the North Sea. The HMS Conqueror and Africa have been withdrawn to the Channel to consolidate the navy.

French Annexation Progress in Hannover: 44%
Army unloads in Norway
HMS Victory to North Sea
Conqueror and Africa to Channel to join Channel Patrol
February 1795
Picton's invasion army has captured the three regiments of militia occupying Norway. After disarming them, he decided to release them as a gesture of goodwill. The invasion army has turned south and marches into Denmark. Wellington's reinforcements have entered the North Sea, I pray they are not needed as the French progress in Hannover is becoming alarming.

Our new Advanced Cavalry techniques have allowed us to develop new regiments of Household Cavalry; cavalrymen with the skills to shoot from the saddle if necessary. I have ordered a new Advanced Stables complex built in England. I have also ordered the Royal Academy to invest further into Advanced Infantry techniques.

French Annexation Progress in Hannover: 65%
3 regiments of militia captured and released in Norway
Heir Matures
Research Complete: Advanced Cavalry
New Research Topic: Advanced Infantry
Army to Denmark
HMS Victory/Wellington to Norwegian Sea
Cannot afford Simon Bolivar Quest (need 10,000 gold)
Begin Building Advanced Stables in England
March 1795
VICTORY IN DENMARK! The menace of the North is finally removed. Annexation progresses smoothly. The French are nearly finished annexing Hannover. I sense we may be fighting to free the people of Hannover soon. Wellington has landed in Norway. The King has decreed that Wellington shall defend Denmark while the main army travels back to England. Once they finished annexation, of course. A new regiment of Lancers has been ordered into training to replace the losses in Denmark.

VICTORY! Losses = ~1 regiment of lancers, ~1 regiment of infantry
Danish Annexation: 63% complete
French Annexation Progress in Hannover: 86%
Wellington to Norway
Cannot afford Simon Bolivar Quest (need 10,000 gold)
Lancers recruiting in England
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
April 1795
We have annexed Denmark and France has annexed Hannover. Our two great armies, if only for a brief moment, stood facing each other across a narrow border in Jutland. I ordered the immediate withdrawal of our main army, led by Colonel Picton, to Norway to return to the sea. Wellington, however, has marched into Denmark to defend it until our offensive begins against France. As he established his headquarters in Copenhagen, he quipped to local newspapermen, "Once again, I am left chasing phantoms."

France annexes Hannover
Denmark Annexed: 793 GOLD, 480 FOOD, 4265 RAW, 226 POP
New Research Point Generation: 1915
Picton, Moore, Calder to Norway
Wellington to Denmark
Cannot afford Simon Bolivar Quest (need 10,000 gold)
May 1795
The Advanced Stables complex in England is complete. We can now field the finest cavalry regiments in the world. However, we need to replace our losses for now, so I have ordered a new Line Infantry regiment into training. Our invasion army has re-boarded the fleet in the Norwegian Sea.

Cannot afford Simon Bolivar Quest (need 10,000 gold)
Advanced Stables constructed in England
Lancers complete in England
Recruiting Line Infantry in England
Army on Fleet in Norwegian Sea
June 1795
Piedmont has declared war. As we do not want them to be troubling us while we focus on France, the King has authorized a massive subsidy payment. Our advanced infantry research has finally paid dividends. Our research efforts are now directed at Cultural Influence. After the impending destruction of France is over, the King wants to begin a massive diplomatic effort to raise sympathy for our ideals throughout Europe.

Colonel Fraser has taken two full regiments and two reduced strength regiments of reinforcements and boarded the HMS Conqueror in the Channel. He will sail to Batavia to replenish the army when it lands there. The invasion fleet has entered the North Sea on its way to Batavia.

Research Complete: Advanced Infantry
New Research Topic: Cultural Influence
Fraser boards HMS Conqueror in Channel: 1 Full Line Inf and Lancers, 1 Damaged Line Inf and Lancers
Fleet to North Sea
Peace with Piedmont: 1100 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Piedmont: 1500 RAW for 1200 GOLD
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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