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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
July 1794
Portugal has been completely annexed. The British army has withdrawn and left the cleanup job with the British civil service. Three Full Regiment's from Barnard's division have been placed in the Castilian Military Academy to assume the defensive duties of the Peninsula. Barnard has boarded the Brittania to sail home. Wellington, Picton, and Fraser have marched their armies towards Castile to follow Barnard home. The English military academy continues to pour out fresh regiments of Line Infantry as ordered.

Line Infantry Complete in England
Line Infantry Recruiting in England
Russian Relations rise above 50% for some reason
Portugal Annexed: 518 GOLD, 2849 FOOD, 3203 RAW, 1526 POP
New Research Point Generation: 1765
3 Full-Strength Light Infantry from Barnard into Barracks in Madrid (Saving For Rosetta Stone Quest, Later)
Barnard onto Britannia
Wellington, Picton, and Fraser to Castile
August 1794
Denmark has declared war. For the last time! The King has ordered me to crush the Danes once and for all. Toward that end, I have ordered the recruitment of two new officers for our military from the academies in Castile and England. These officers will take advantage of the new Advanced Officer Training research just completed by the Royal Academy. I have ordered the Academy to move on to researching Advanced Cavalry techniques.

Picton has been restored to full strength after his losses in Portugal and has boarded the fleet with Wellington and Fraser. Barnard has already sailed into the North Atlantic. As they left, they helped train the new staff for a Basic Barracks just placed under construction in Castile.

Prussia liberates Poland from Russia
Research Complete: Advanced Officer Training
New Research Topic: Advanced Cavalry
Picton restored to full strength from Fraser's reinforcements
Wellington, Picton, and Fraser onto fleet
Barnard sails to North Atlantic Ocean onboard the Britannia
TREATY OF AMIENS COLLECTED: Advanced Military Academies built in England, Castile, Alentejo, and Batavia
Line Infantry Complete in England
Colonel Recruiting in England
Colonel Recruiting in Castile
Basic Barracks Building in Castile
September 1794
Denmark has sent a token force into Norway. Since it lacked local garrisons, it fell immediately. There will soon be justice, have no doubt about that. The new Barracks in Castile is complete and the fleet continues to sail home. It is only a matter of time now.

Denmark invades Norway with 3 militia
Basic Barracks completed in Castile
Amphi Squadron into North Atlantic
Barnard returns to Channel in Brittania
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
October 1794
France has invaded our friends in Hannover and begun a lengthy siege. This does not bode well. Our new officers have completed their training; a Colonel Calder in England and a Colonel Somerset in Castile. Barnard has disembarked from the Brittania to take up quarters in the Academy. Moore and Calder have each taken four regiments of Line Infantry under their command and boarded the HMS Agamemnon and HMS Britannia. Together with the HMS Leviathan, they will form the new Amphibious Assault Squadron.

France invades Hannover; defeats resistance, begins siege
Colonel Calder completed in England
Colonel Somerset completed in Castile
Barnard to England
Amphi Squadron to Channel
Moore onto Agamemnon
Calder + 4 Line Infantry onto Britannia
New Amphi Squadron Designated: Britannia, Agamemnon, and Leviathan
New Channel Patrol Designated: Victory and Temeraire
Line Infantry Recruiting
November 1794
The French annexation of Hannover continues, albeit at a snail's pace. They have diverted their home divisions to assist in the process. The new Amphibious Assault Squadron has sailed into the North Sea and has orders to sail on to Norway. Wellington and Fraser have unloaded their damaged divisions in England for rest and recovery.

French Annexation Progress in Hannover: 6%
French Army shifting away from British border to Central Europe
Amphi Squadron to North Sea
Wellington and Fraser unload in England
Line Infantry Complete in England
December 1794
The French annexation of Hannover continues, albeit at a snail's pace. Then again, everything in France is done at a snail's pace. Hell, those disgusting dogs eat snails, what do you expect? Wellington has assumed command of 4 fresh regiments of Line Infantry and boarded the HMS Victory. I am sending him to Norway to provide any assistance that may be required. The remains of Barnard's light infantry regiment was disbanded due to lack of utility. Our invasion force reports they have entered the Norwegian Sea are preparing to land.

French Annexation Progress in Hannover: 23%
Barnard and Fraser to Barracks
Wellington replenished to 4 full line infantry
Wellington onto HMS Victory
Slightly under-strength Light Infantry regiment in England disbanded
Amphi Squadron to Norwegian Sea
Resource stockpile report
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