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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
July 1791
DENMARK DECLARES WAR! AGAIN! A third time in just two years. I had hoped the King would not succumb to this extortion again, but he paid the bribe requested by the Danish. I do wish this would end. Barnard completed his paperwork and acquired his new regiment. He then beat a hasty departure from the city, presumably fearing confinement to his barracks would ensue.

Barnard picks up Regiment and re-boards fleet
Research Cash Withdrawal: 396 GOLD
Denmark declares war on England
Peace with Denmark for 575 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 700 Raw Materials for 500 GOLD
August 1791
A slow time in London. The Academy completed research on Navy Infrastructure and moved on to Harbor Infrastructure.

Research Complete: Navy Infrastructure
New Research Topic: Harbor Infrastructure
Ruler of the Seas on hold for population cost
September 1791
A GLORIOUS MONTH! The British Navy has expanded several times over thanks to a vast investment by the crown! Military grade harbor complexes were built in Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, and Brittany. I have divided our seven ship navy into three squadrons. The first shall be tasked with keeping the North Sea clear of threats. This North Sea Fleet shall consist of the HMS Conqueror and HMS Africa. The second shall be tasked with keeping the Channel clear of threats. This Channel Patrol Fleet will consist of the HMS Agamemnon and HMS Brittania. The third shall be tasked with carrying and protecting the British Army. This Amphibious Assault Squadron shall consist of the HMS Leviathan, HMS Temeraire, and the HMS Victory. This last squadron was ordered to take position of the coast of Brittany, seek repairs in its new port facilities, and deploy Wellington and Barnard into Brittany for manoeuvres.

Research Cash Withdrawal: 396 GOLD
RULER OF THE SEAS QUEST COMPLETED: Military Harbors and a Sloop built in Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, and Brittany.
Amphibious Assault Squadron (Victory, Temeraire, and Leviathan) sent to Brittany for repairs and unloading
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
October 1791
A slow month. Research on Harbor Infrastructure was completed and new Market Reforms pursued. The Temeraire and Leviathan were finally repaired and Wellington and Barnard engaged in war games in Brittany all month. As we lack officers in Britain to assume command of any new regiments, I have ordered the officer training corps to send me their best man. I am told he will take two months to arrive from Norway where he is training.

Research Complete: Harbor Infrastructure
New Research Topic: Market Reform
Temeraire and Leviathan repaired in Brittany
Wellington and Barnard unload in Brittany
Captain Recruiting in England
November 1791
DRATS! France has annexed the Helvetian Republic by force. It is a dark day for Europe. Perhaps this will lead the French to overstep their bounds......

France mil-annexes Helvetia
December 1791
France has made a fool of herself once more. She sent a large army into Hannover and it succeeded in defeating the Hanoverian army in the field. However, the garrison regiments in Hannover itself managed to repel the remnants of the invasion army and slaughter them as the attempted to flee in panic. Hannover remains free.

The new commander, Captain Picton, has arrived from Norway. He shall assume command of any future regiments.

France invades Hannover, wins battle, loses to garrison, Hannover remains free
Captain Picton completed in England
Resource stockpile report
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