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Imperial Glory Game Guide // 3. Land Combat Guide
You can restore units to full strenght under Autocracy and Monachy Goverment types. Another way is to merge 2 units in the Barracks by dragging and dropping one damaged unit on to another. This works for infantry and cavalry but there are a few conditions. The unit has to be the same as the one your trying to merge it with and both units have to be from the same region. So merging English Line infantry with Russian Line infantry will not work. The game will fill up one of the damaged units with men from the other to restore one of the units. Placing any left over men back in the original unit so you can use it to restore other units. If the two units have less men than 1 fully restored unit then both units will be merged in their entirety. Doing this causes the current skill level of both units to be averaged out, so it is possible to have veteran units in your army if you take care of them.

In certain Monarchy government types you can research then built Military Hospitals and restore units by moving them into the barracks and restoring the unit using the same system the ship restore option uses.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Each unit has a little blue bar that shows its current fatigue levels. When the blue is entirely gone the unit will not run even if you order them too. Walking infantry helps them recover after a short time. Its definitely not a good idea to tell your infantry to run to an objective and then tell them to charge the enemy. The charge will be a walk if you did that. So make sure you give your men plenty of rest before asking them to run twice over any distance.

Buildings, forests and other objects allow you to move troops into them. This gives them a cover bonus against attacks from outside and some advantages against attacks from inside too. Be warned though, not all buildings allow you to shoot back at the same rate the enemy can shoot in. Sometimes you will find the lack of windows or doors simply makes it impossible for your men to shoot back at all.

Forests are a little different, if you move troops into a forest then each man in the unit will take up positions behind a tree. So you get some advantages here.

If you move some troops around the side of the enemy out of sight the AI does not appear to know they are there. So it is possible to launch a surprise Cavalry attack on one of the enemy flanks. Like wise you can do this in the open so they can be seen deliberately to make an enemy move troops to protect that flank whilst you engage them head on. This works rather well against the AI.

Hills also offer some advantages it appears. For starters they slow any unit climbing them down and take the sting out of a charge quickly. They also appear to extend the range of your cannon and muskets. Just becareful when firing cannon at units climbing the hill because even if your cannon are higher than your own infantry and the target is also on the hill then your own infantry will get hit by the cannon balls.

Cannon are good are firing over the heads of your infantry if the target is not on the hill yet.

Speaking of cannon, the AI will pull back or charge once it realizes its within your cannon range. So its best to make a few test shots to get the range then stop. The next time you fire will be when the enemy gets within range of your cannon and you can let rip with all barrels before they can react. The moment the cannons have hit its best to stop them firing them move your musket men up in front of them to protect them from any charge that may occurs.

If an AI army has lots of cannon and you allow them to get setup and start shooting then your dead. No two ways about it. However if they do have a lot of cannon then that cannon will usually be the unit at the back of their army. So its possible to sneak around the back of their force with Cavalry and take them out in charge the Light Brigade would be proud of. Though this usually turns out to be suicide, it can win you the battle.
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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