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The Diplomatic Game is about taking over countries without firing a shot or getting other countries to do your bidding without them knowing it. You can manipulate your way across Europe by carefully choosing who you make an alliance with. Knowing the time to make or break alliances is the key to success here.

For example, a country is less likely to go to war if the country its about to attack has a strong alliance. So sometimes refusing an Alliance is all you need to do to leave a country open to attack. Just remember, if you do not have friends then your also open to attack. Sometimes an ally will invite a country into the alliance without your permission. I once rejected England's request to join my alliance and Lombardy invited them in anyway.

So the first thing to learn is how to choose the right alliances to achieve your ends.

It is important to know that any powerful nation bordering a nation will be considered before any other Empire attempts to attack it. If another Empire attacks a small nation along your borders and did not either offer and Alliance or ask for Right of passage then you know they consider you weak and you should start building troops. If you have a large army then they will usually ask you for one of those treaties before proceeding with their planned conquest. They do not want to risk looking weak in your eyes after the fighting ends and would rather pay you a large sum of money to keep you out of the war if possible.

Knowing this allows you some control over when and where other Empires will attack. Saying no to a treaty of any kind usually ties their hands. They can still attack but they know you could attack them whilst their armies are away attacking other nations. So they usually abandon the plan until such time when they are either so strong your opinion does not matter or you finally agree to their terms.

Also if your allied with several powerful nations and a few small nations, then those small nations will be safe from attack from almost everybody. Which means they can be taken over by raising their Sympathy for your empire to 100% without some other nation simply moving 3 Armies into the country and taking it by force.

Other nations will be trying to raise their Sympathy levels too so you have to fast.

You can raise the sympathy for your nation in several ways that include some special quests available in the game. Most of the time you will do it in the following manner.

In the first Era you would build the following buildings in a region you want to take over. The region must be friendly or Neutral to you and ideally should have roughly 50% sympathy for you already but if it does not, there are ways to raise it higher.

It is not possible to build anything that would raise your sympathy level in any region owned by another playable nation. Those you must conquer in the more traditional way.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Era 1 Research
Peaceful Annexation

Allows you to build a consulate in a neutral or friendly nations.

Allows you to build a Newspaper paper office in a neutral or friendly nation.

Era 2 Research
Cultural Influences

Allows you to build a Cultural Center in a neutral or friendly nation.
Foreign Investments (Democracy)

Allows you to build upgrades that add 0.5% sympathy towards your Empire in any country where it is built. This does not sound like a lot but after 10 turns that's 5 points. So this is a best upgrade to make early on in countries where your Sympathy rating is less than 50%. This may differ slightly for Autocracy Governments.
Propaganda (Autocracy)

Idem to Foreign Investments.

Era 3 Research
Subversion Techniques

Allows you to build a resistance cell in occupied countries. Once built the Resistance cell vanishes and is replaced by 3 armies that will fight for control of their country. The armies tend to be rather weak so you usually have to do this several times to wipe out a small army and even then the controlling nation usually has some troops in its barracks too.

So in the first 2 Eras your more or less restricted to operating in neutral or friendly countries that have not been taken over by a playable nation. In the Third Era you can finally use Resistance cells to slowly weaken the defending forces without declaring war on the Empire controlling that region.

Once the resistance cell beats the defending army that country will revert to its former state and be available for Peaceful Annexation again.
Written by giskard
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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