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Imperial Glory Game Guide // 3. Land Combat Guide
Whilst Fatigue is shown when a unit has been running for a while and gets tired, Moral was not known to play a part in the game. After several games I have found Moral is actually part of the game. I have seen units charge in to battle when totally out numbered and retreat with a large red X on their flag. They even disengage from battle when this happens. It is easy to get them back under control and you can usually send them right back in to the fray again.
One of the best things about Imperial Glory is the Unit formations. The Total War series formations where a little tricky and often out right annoying but Imperial Glory automatically puts your men in the best formation for basic attacks. Telling infantry to shoot whilst in column formation for example will result in them assuming line formation. Whilst this is good it takes time for them to move in to line formation and during that time the enemy may be shooting back. So we need to get them into formation quickly before the shooting starts.

So whilst your men are marching, give them a column formation and then just outside the range of the enemy infantry, switch your own infantry to line formation and position them so each unit can fire at the same enemy units that advance on your position.

Colour codes in all examples below:
Yellow = Infantry
Blue = Cavalry
Black = Cannon

Example 1
This maximizing your forward firepower.

This will result in a devastating volley of fire.

Whilst your positioning your men, its best to check which ones are good at close quarter fighting and put them in front. Perhaps even given them auto attack orders so they charge when they need too without your intervention.

Remember you cannon need to be in front of your infantry to shoot the enemy rather than shoot your own men in the back. So be prepared to move some infantry in front of the cannon if the enemy charge you.

Example 2
This allows you to move your center infantry unit forward to protect your cannon whilst allowing them to shoot over the cannon prior to that.

Cavalry are traditionally put at the sides of any infantry lines to allow them to quickly charge into battle. This tactic has remained the same for thousands of years.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Example 3
This offers the best of all worlds, maximum forward firepower, protection for your cannon and also Cavalry ready to swing into action. You can also place cannon between the infantry and cavalry and have the Cavalry intercept any enemy that charges your cannon.

With Cavalry at the sites they can intercept an charging enemy before it reaches your front lines. They can thin out an enemy charge easily or flank the enemy and take out his cannon before they can fire at your own lines. Hussars or Lancers are the best troops to use for charging down the enemy.

If your own infantry is changed by the enemy Cavalry then it is best to switch them to a square formation as quickly as you can. Square formations become available later in the game but are execellent against Cavalry but weak against infantry because they restrict the number of men who are able to shoot back.

When advancing infantry during combat you can do so and keep the current formation if you have assigned all units to a key. To do this you just select all the infantry, and press control 1 through 10. What ever you want. Then when you want to move them just press 1 and click the mouse where you want them to go. Remembering you can drag the mouse to indicate the direction the formation should be facing.

If two lines of infantry merge, after a few seconds one of them will move away so they do not merge.

It is best to make small advances when in combat, move forward a little way, stop fire. Move forward a little way, stop fire. Just like that. At long range neither side will hit much but at closer ranges you can cut down whole columns of infantry quickly if you out number them. If you don't, then never advance like this. Let them come to you.

This is when Cavalry Armed with Muskets come into their own during such an infantry advance. Whilst your infantry are advancing slowing and then firing, the enemy will turn to face them to shoot back. This allows you to move your Cavalry very close and shoot at short range into the enemy ranks to great effect.

In the early game any close combat infantry will simply charge at you but by the late game you get the classic 2 lines of infantry shooting at each other on a regular basis. Lots of cannon too usually.
Written by giskard
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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