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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
1790: A Time of War
January 1790
VICTORY AT SEA! Our navy was able to trap the Dutch Sloop Beskermer in the Wadden Sea and sink her. All hands were lost, including the pride of the Dutch Army. Our ships suffered only minor damages. Unfortunately, the Danish have returned to the North Sea. With Wellington cursing my name, the British Navy sails away from an undefended Batavia to defend Scotland from potential invasion. I have far better plans for Wellington; the invasion of Norway! If I can only sink their fleet in the North Sea!

Naval Battle in Wadden Sea, Dutch navy sunk, Dutch army destroyed, British navy takes minor damages
Royal Child Chosen: George
Danish sloop sighted in North Sea
British navy ordered to North Sea
February 1790
VICTORY AT SEA! Our navy once again crushes the enemy. The Danish sloop Freya is caught off the coast of Scotland by our fleet and sunk. All hands lost, including the pride of the Danish Army. London newspapers report the slaughter of several Danish sailors washed ashore in Scotland by local villagers. Danish ambassador leaves London in disgust. With no remaining naval threat, I give the fateful order for the British navy to enter the Norwegian Sea and for Captain Wellington to invade Norway.

On a darker note, disturbing news filters in from the continent. Prussia is at war with the Austrian alliance; including Lombardy and the Helvetian Republic. This may lead to instability and further wars; it should be watched carefully.

Naval Battle in North Sea; Danish navy sunk, Danish army destroyed, British navy takes minor damages.
Navy moves to Norwegian Sea
War: Prussia vs Austria/Lombardy/Helvetian Republic
March 1790
Unopposed, the British Navy entered the Norwegian Sea and Captain Wellington's expeditionary force was deployed. Spies report the Danes have built an emergency defense army consisting of two regiments of what amount to armed peasants under the command of a Captain J.M.H. Castenshoild. A Prussian sloop was sighted in the North Sea, but I am not concerned. Reports from the continent indicate that the Russians have joined Austria against the Prussians. Prussia surely has its hands full in Germany and European newspapers have surely reported the utter destruction of the three months. No Prussian admiral would be foolish enough to take on the British Navy. On a different note, the news of imminent breakthrough at the Academy led to a slight budget cut to fund other projects.

Prussian Navy sighted in North Sea
Danish Army moves out of barracks in Denmark; 2 militia units
Threat assessment: Norway = Easy Prize; Wellington deployed to Norway
Research Cash Withdrawal: 150 GOLD
War: Russian alliance joins Prussia against Austria (DOW from Prussian ally, I think)
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
April 1790
Wellington conquers Norway! As he waded ashore in Trondheim, he is reported to have quipped, "I do not ask for much; food, water, sleep, and an enemy with the courage to show his dirty face". Wellington's army is ordered to hold position in Norway while a reasonable peace with Denmark is negotiated. In response, he is reported to have quipped, "London be damned".

The Royal Academy's research into improved Basic Education for all citizens was completed with jubilation. To take advantage of the breakthrough, I ordered the construction of new Primary Schools in England. The new research programme for the Academy includes advanced study of diplomatic relations with a particular focus into the dynamics of Peaceful Annexation. Confident in their ability, I reduced the budget slightly.

Wellington captures Norway unopposed, Danish army remains in Denmark
Research Complete: Basic Education
New Research Topic: Peaceful Annexation
Research Cash Withdrawal: 72 GOLD
Building Construction Begins: Primary Schools in England
Peace on hold until Peaceful Annexation allows Commercial Treaties
Railway quest on hold until I annex Norway; very low danger of another country getting it now
May 1790
PEACE WITH DENMARK! It is a glorious time. Norway's annexation was made possible by the transfer of funds from the British Treasury that were required to be used to purchase English goods. English export corporations report the sale of large stockpiles of raw materials to Denmark. Captain Wellington, no longer needed in Norway, was ordered onto the Leviathan to sail home in the following months. Norwegian papers report Captain Wellington's retort as he boarded the Leviathan, "It is a shame I have but Dutchmen left to fight".

The diplomatic studies have yielded fruit and I have ordered the Academy to now invest their attention in the military arts, beginning with improved Officer Training. This is one of the few areas of knowledge where we need to catch up with our continental brothers. The Academy continues to operate on a reduced budget.

This month also marks the construction of an enormous new railway system. The effort has consumed vast raw material stockpiles and the attention of a huge percentage of our workforce; but I am confident it will pay dividends in the future. Speedy transportation will increase our monthly raw materials yield and expand production across the board.

Research Complete: Peaceful Annexation
New Research Topic: Officer Training
Research Cash Withdrawal: 58 GOLD
Peace with Denmark for 550 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 675 Raw Materials for 550 GOLD
RAILWAY QUEST COMPLETED: Saw Mills in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and Norway
Wellington boards HMS Leviathan in Norwegian Sea
June 1790
A slow month. The Academy has developed new Officer Training techniques and moved on to Basic Infantry improvements. I have expanded their budget to assist them. The British navy has begun the long trip back to the Channel ports. I have ordered the construction of a Trade Branch in Ile De France. This should provide us with some reliable income in the future.

Research Complete: Officer Training
New Research Topic: Basic Infantry
British Navy sails to North Sea with Wellington in tow
Building Contractions Begins: Trade Branch in Ile De France
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