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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
1791: A Time of Backstabbing
January 1791
A fundamental shift in Western Europe is occurring. Our enemies are destroying themselves and the time to march against them grows closer every day. The new regiment of light infantry has completed their training. I have ordered them and the Norwegian veterans under the command of Barnard and onto the Temeraire. Wellington and the Leviathan have been ordered back to the Bay of Biscay to observe the French coastline. A new regiment of light infantry has entered training. When Barnard returns from France, he will be able to pick them up.

On the continent, France has invaded Helvetia. Reports of bloodshed and pillaging mount. The time for war with France approaches, but has not yet arrived. In Iberia, the Portuguese and Spanish armies decimate each other on the plains of Andalusia. Both sides suffer horrific losses. A single regiment of quarter-strength Portuguese militia is the only remaining military force in all of Iberia.

Iberia is lain low, France is defenseless. We are only delayed by Barnard.

Light Infantry Completed in England
Light Infantry Recruiting in England
France invades Helvetia
Portugal invades Andalusia and crushes Spanish army in Pyrrhic Victory
The only army in Iberia is now 12 militia strong
Wellington / Leviathan sails to Bay of Biscay
Barnard and 2 light infantry regiments board Temeraire
February 1791
France's last division has moved into Champagne to support their main army invading Helvetia. Paris is defended by a paltry few recruits in their military academy. The time for war has arrived. At the king's behest, I send a declaration of war to France. Barnard and the Temeraire are ordered into the Bay of Biscay in preparation for invasion next month alongside Wellington. They should land unopposed.

France moves last army away from Paris to Champagne, damaged militia retreat from Helvetia into Champagne
England declares war on France/Piedmont/Spain
Temeraire to Bay of Biscay
Research Cash Withdrawal: 478 GOLD
March 1791
Wellington and Barnard invade Brittany. Stepping off the Leviathan, Wellington quips, "I suppose I shall never find an enemy brave enough to show his face to me". Barnard responds with a sharp "At least I am no longer tasked with protecting London from phantoms and vagabonds." Our spies observe the French army streaming out of Helvetia in defense of France. It is damaged from its ordeal, but remains dangerous. Peace negotiations begin.

The new stables complex in England is completed along with our research into Artillery Industry. I have ordered our workers to build a new Basic Foundry so we can begin building some cannons. The Royal Academy has begun research on improving our Navy Infrastructure. To face what threat, I am unsure. But I am confident it is a worthy goal in the long-term. Barnard's newly trained regiment of Light Infantry awaits his return.

Basic Stables Completed in England
Research Complete: Artillery Industry
New Research Topic: Navy Infrastructure
France withdraws all armies from Helvetia; Damaged but dangerous
Wellington/Barnard land in Brittany
Light Infantry Completed in England
Building Construction Begins: Basic Foundry
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
April 1791
PEACE WITH FRANCE! France has ceded Brittany to us so they may direct their attentions back towards Helvetia. Wellington responds, "Am I really so fearsome that my enemies flee from the sound of my footsteps?". Barnard answers, "Cherish these moments while they last, for you will one day be forced to return to London." Wellington retorts, "NEVER!" The peace with France is costly, but once again shrewd English diplomats secure the requirement that all funds be used to purchase British goods. British manufacturers are swamped with French orders for raw materials.

The peace with France has not ended hostilities with Spain or Piedmont, though the later is unlikely to pose a danger. Although Spain is quite a tasty prize, without a single regiment to defend herself, it is likely that a British invasion would spark peasant uprisings and cause undue duress. In any event, any invasion would require a landing in Galicia and such an expedition will take time to assemble. Wellington and Barnard are ordered back onto their ships to return to England and pick up Barnard's final regiment of Light Infantry.

French armies move into Ile De France and Aquitaine; Brittany is threatened
Peace with France: 1000 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with France: 1200 Raw Materials for 1000 gold
Wellington and Barnard back onto Fleet
May 1791
The king granted me a marvellous vacation in Norway this month. A truly beautify country, Norway is. I have heard reports that the British fleet has returned to the Channel triumphant. A shame I could not be there.

British fleet back to Channel
June 1791
A slow month following my return from vacation. The foundries are finally complete, though we lack the funds to construct artillery at this time. Barnard returned to London to retrieve his last regiment of Light Infantry.

Basic Foundries completed in England
Barnard unloads in England to pick up 3rd Regiment of Light Infantry
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