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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken

1789: A Time of Peace
July 1789
When I was promoted to Executor-General in July, my beloved Britannia was already allied with Spain and Hannover. One of my very first acts was to negotiate the further inclusion of Portugal in this alliance. I had heard some disturbing reports from my intelligence services indicating that the Portuguese military had become saturated with hawkish generals eager to attack Spain. By forging an Iberian alliance, led by Britain, internal peace could be secured in Iberia (though at the cost of British gold). I viewed Iberia then as a potential region for diplomatic expansion. I would only later learn of the evil plans that would tear my alliance apart there. Hannover, on the other hand, was viewed, as I still view it, as a liability to the crown. It lacks any port facilities on both the Atlantic and Baltic coasts, a weak and ineffectual home guard, and it is ruled by corrupt magistrates. For that reason, my defense planning would never include the defense of Hannover in any way; though I would later use Hannover as a justification to motivate the King towards a foreign policy that I desired.

Some representatives of the Royal Academy came to my office in early July as I was taking office. My predecessor, they claimed, lacked any kind of technological vision; a trait they claimed to see in me. Perhaps they were right. I immediately recognized the value to technological innovation. However, I insisted that the Royal Academy take its direction from the national research programme and direct their research towards improved Food Preservation methods. After consulting with the Academy representatives, I determined the full research budget was not required this month. Eager to find new funding for other projects, I diverted some Academy funding to my own purposes while maintaining a budget that was capable of the advancements we were seeking in Food Preservation.

On the military front, I ordered the immediate withdrawal of our military forces from Ireland. The Irish had been thoroughly subdued and those assets were required elsewhere. I had the Comptroller General draw up a Military Assessment Report. The British Fleet numbered only two ocean-going vessels; the HMS Temeraire and the HMS Leviathan; both sloop class vessels. This was hardly adequate for our needs, but it would have to do for now. Our army consisted of two line infantry regiments and a light infantry regiment. We were also in the possession of two competent commanders; Captain Wellington and Captain Barnard.

I told the Army Secretary to order all three regiments under the command of Captain Wellington and to assign Captain Barnard to training and enlistment. Of course, that would have to wait for the army of Ireland to cross into Scotland before marching south into England.

New Research Topic: Food Preservation
Research Cash Withdrawal: 150 GOLD
Alliance Offer to Portugal: 950 GOLD, ACCEPTED
Fleets to Channel
Armies towards England
August 1789
No important developments on the Foreign Policy front this month; all is quiet in Europe except for a border clash between Egypt and Tripoli. The Royal Academy completed its work on Food Preservation improvements. I ordered the direction of future research to look into potential vaccination against disease. The new food preservation techniques would become immediately employed in London as I ordered the creation of a National Food Stockpile. The Irish army finally arrived in England and my regimental organization orders were executed. I have a bad feeling about our relationship with Denmark and Batavia. Their diplomats have become increasingly aloof. I sense that, despite my best efforts, our relations with the world are somehow slipping downward.

Research Completed: Food Preservation
New Research Topic: Vaccination
Army in Scotland to England
Transfer of Light Infantry Regiment to Captain Wellington from Captain Barnard
Building Construction Order: Rations Warehouse
September 1789
A very quiet month. My sense of impending disaster grows by the day. Confident of imminent breakthrough, I have taken some funding from the Research Budget to divert to other projects. I ordered Captain Wellington's division onto the Leviathan. I want him to be able to immediately depart should he be needed. Captain Barnard has been grumbling about his lack of troops and the lack of new recruits to train. I informed him that he would be able to command some troops soon, despite knowing that is a highly unlikely outcome.

Research Cash Withdrawal: 150 GOLD
Captain Wellington onto Sloop HMS Leviathan, Temeraire empty; Fleet in Channel
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
October 1789
An exciting month! Research on vaccination has garnered enormous success. Unfortunately, the first few test groups were annihilated by the vaccine. The catastrophic death toll of the early versions caused a lot of public uproar. However, when the final batches proved successful and I used proceeds from the sale of the vaccine to fund the construction of local hospitals in all administrative districts in the Isles, there was jubilation! Ah, the public be damned for they know not a WIT! In the afterglow of success, I ordered the Academy to pursue a new Circular Saw design being proposed by some engineers in Kent. Confident that they would be able to complete the research within two months, I took a small cut from their budget to fund other projects.

The movement of French armies in Champagne has alarmed the Army High Command. Hanoverian diplomats complained mightily that the French were preparing an invasion force to crush them. I was fairly confident this was just another case of French bravado, but I could not be sure. To calm fears, I ordered to HSM Leviathan to carry Captain Wellington's division to the Bay of Biscay. If the French did attack Hannover, I could immediately order a landing in Brittany. I was able to send Wellington out with the best food supply a modern army could hope for; thanks to the completion of my National Food Stockpile in London.

Research Complete: Vaccination
New Research Topic: Circular Saw
Research Cash Withdrawal: 150 GOLD
HMS Leviathan w/ Wellington ordered to Bay of Biscay
Building Complete: Rations Warehouse
MEDICAL REVOLUTION QUEST COMPLETED: Local Hospitals in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England
November 1789
My premonitions have been right! The Danish and Dutch ships carrying armies of unknown size were sighted in the North Sea. Coastal villages in Scotland have begun impromptu defensive preparations in case of invasion. The Admiralty is in chaos. I sent orders for the Leviathan and Wellington to withdraw from the Bay of Biscay and return to join the Temeraire in the Channel. The diplomatic corps has sent special representatives to Denmark and Batavia to discuss these developments.

Danish Sloop sighted with army in North Sea
Dutch Sloop sighted with army in North Sea
HMS Leviathan ordered back into Channel
December 1789
My worst fears are realized! Denmark and Batavia have simultaneously declared war against us. At the sight of the Leviathan's return to the Channel, however, both fleets have withdrawn to their home waters. Fortune favors us! It's far better to fight an enemy divided! I immediately ordered the entire fleet to pursue the Dutch into the Wadden Sea and crush them in their home waters. That should send a strong message to those who plot against us. And should the Danish return to the North Sea, I shall crush them there when I am done with the Dutch. These war declarations have activated our defensive alliance, plunging Hannover, Spain, and Portugal into the war as well. I worry about the fate of Hannover, but I know that their military is too cowardly to leave their boundaries so they should be able to defend themselves for now.

On the domestic front, our research into the Circular Saw has paid off. I have ordered the Academy to focus their efforts on improving the Basic Education system of Britain. We need more scientists in the future and they must be trained today!

Research Complete: Circular Saw
New Research Topic: Basic Education
Danish sloop sails to Norwegian Sea
Dutch sloop sails to Wadden Sea
Dutch declare war on England
Danish declare war on England
Defensive Alliance responds to both
Hannover in potential jeopardy
HMS Leviathan and Temeraire ordered to Wadden Sea / Wellington on-board Leviathan

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