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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
July 1792
Wellington and Barnard have boarded ships in the Bay of Biscay. Soon they will sail for home. I have ordered a third regiment of Lancers into training. They should be ready by the time Wellington and Barnard return.

Wellington and Barnard on Amphi Squadron
Lancers Recruiting in England
August 1792
A slow month. Wellington and Barnard sail for the Channel. I am forced to attend many plays at the theater with my wife because of all my extra free time this month. What a chore!

Amphi Squadron to Channel
September 1792
Denmark has declared war AGAIN. This is ridiculous. The King really should stop paying them off and send our army to crush them. Picton's third regiment of Lancers is finished. I have ordered his entire division onto the HMS Victory in the Amphibious Assault Squadron.

Denmark declares war
Peace with Denmark: 575 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 700 Raw Materials for 575 GOLD
Lancers Complete in England
Picton and 3 Lancers onto HMS Victory
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
October 1792
I have entrusted this expedition to Captain Wellington. He is of noble blood and should make a fine commander. He has been given provisional command over the Amphibious Assault Squadron and the entire British Army. As he sets sail for the Wadden Sea to invade Batavia, I have decided to take a little vacation to the Costa Del Sol in Catalonia. Should Wellington fail and the King demand a reckoning, I may be able to flee into Spain or France.

Amphi to Wadden Sea
November 1792
The Mediterranean is even more beautiful than I dreamed. I have written several letters to my subordinates in London with instructions on daily duties. I sent a special letter ordering the training of another Line Infantry regiment. We can use it to replace any casualties we suffer in Batavia.

I have also received disturbing dispatches from Portuguese Andalusia reporting the landing of an entire division of French soldiers under a Capitaine Murat. This does not bode well. Hopefully, the Portuguese can repulse this invasion. On the positive side, this does eliminate one division of French soldiers from any potential war in France.

Invasion of Batavia with entire army
Line Infantry Recruiting
French Division under Murat lands in Andalusia to attack Portugal; 3 infantry units
December 1792
VICTORY! Wellington emerges victorious. Our losses are meager. Only three infantry and a single regiment of cavalry were lost. A small price to pay for possession of Batavia. I can only hope the annexation goes smoothly.

I returned to London on the first ship I could find. Reports from the continent indicate some kind of Agrarian Revolution is occurring in Prussia. Interesting! The Academy has completed its lengthy investigation of espionage and provided us with a plan for the development of our own intelligence service. I immediately ordered construction on a Department of Information and the Academy to pursue a study of Tactical Manoeuvres.

A regiment of Line Infantry is finished in England. I have ordered a Light Infantry unit into training. These units, along with two more cavalry units in the future will provide a reserve to replace battle losses.

Almost One Regiment of Lancers Lost
Prussia completes Agrarian Revolution
Research Complete: Secret Service
New Research Topic: Tactical Manoeuvres
27% Annexation on Batavia
Line Infantry Complete in England
Light Infantry Recruiting
Construction Begins: Department of Information
Resource stockpile report
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