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Into the Darkness: A British Empire AAR by Ryoken
July 1793
Wellington's fleet has disappeared into the North Atlantic Ocean. Soon he will sail south to Cape Finisterre. The Royal Academy has finished a comprehensive study of improved Tactical Manoeuvres. I have ordered this new knowledge to be used in the construction of advanced Training Camps in England. The Royal Academy has begun the pursuit of a new form of government. Philosophy, law, religion, and the role of the nation as a whole are being questioned. These are exciting times.

Research Complete: Tactical Manoeuvres
New Research Topic: Advance Era
Fleet into North Atlantic Ocean
Begin Building Construction: Training Camps in England
August 1793
Wellington reports he is closing the distance to the Spanish coastline and will land within a month. The military academies have sent me a new officer; Captain Moore. I anticipate expansion of the army soon, so I have asked for a second officer as well. They tell me it will take another two months to review their cadets.

Captain Moore completed
Captain Recruiting
Fleet to Finisterre
September 1793
Wellington has landed at La Coruna and marches on Madrid. The Spanish army has withdrawn from Catalonia to defend their capital; hostilities are imminent!

Spanish troops withdraw to Castile after seeing French Fleet approaching
Army to Castile
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
October 1793
VICTORY IN MADRID! Suffering minor losses, Wellington has crushed the opposition and has begun installing a new government in Madrid. His only complaint, report Spanish newspapers, is the heat. The new officer I requested has finally arrived; Captain Fraser. I have ordered a new regiment of Lancers into training. Perhaps I shall send one of these gallant new officers to bring reinforcements to Wellington......

Victory: Lost 1/2 cavalry regiment
Annexation 30% complete
Captain Fraser completed
Lancers recruiting
November 1793
DENMARK DECLARES WAR! AGAIN! This is getting very annoying. They are, of course, immediately paid their stipend by the King. Central Europe is thrown into chaos as Russia annexes Poland by force and now possesses Bohemia as well. I hope Austria can regain some of her territory and restore some of her former glory, but I fear the Russian juggernaut may eventually bring conflict to British lands instead. We must plan for such contingencies!

The new Training Camps are complete. In recognition of their excellent service, all four of our officers have been promoted to Colonel. Wellington reports from Madrid that annexation is going well. He has set up his headquarters in the Escorial and disbanded the Cortez. It is only a matter of time before Spain has bowed before our might!

On a different note, I have ordered the construction of a Merchant harbor in England. I have a feeling this building is unnecessary since most of our trade is between the six wharfs in our possession and not with foreign merchants. But alas, I must give the construction crews something to do with all these surplus resources! HAHAHAHA!

Russia mil-annexes Poland
Denmark declares war
Training Camps complete; promotion of all Captains to Colonels
Annexation 60% complete
Peace with Denmark: 575 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 700 Raw Materials for 575 GOLD
Begin Construction: Merchant Harbor (final era 1 building in England)
December 1793
A fresh unit of Lancers has completed their training in England. I have placed them, the other full strength lancer regiment, the slightly under-strength Line Infantry regiment, and the slightly under-strength Light Infantry regiment under the command of Colonel Fraser and ordered them onto the HMS Brittania with orders to sail for Spain and replenish Colonel Picton's losses. I have also ordered a Line Infantry regiment into production in case of unforeseen events.

Wellington reports only a few loose ends need to be tied up before the annexation of Spain is complete.

Lancers complete in England
Colonel Fraser, a Line Infantry, a Light Infantry and 2 lancer regiments board the Brittania in the Channel
Annexation 90% complete
Line Infantry Recruiting

Resource stockpile report
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