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AAR by Scourge011 - Russian Empire
Here's the current state of my Empire:
Game Type: Score victory
Difficulty: Medium
Nation: Russia
Current Date: June 1813
Government Type: Republic - 3rd Era (would not have done so had I known my heir would leave me, I really needed him to marry the Tripolitan princess, because somehow that minor nation owns all of North Africa
Territorial Situation: I own Sweden, Denmark, Saxony, Hanover, and Champagne and Wales.
Economic Situation: 1236 Gold, 2305 Raw Materials, 600 pop per turn

So, you're probably wondering: "WALES? WTF!" Okay, see, in January of 1809, I realized that my score of 600, was nothing compared GB's score of 2050, so I immediately declared war, and fought a battle in the English Channel, and landed three armies (Generals) in the English province of England (London). They had three armies (Colonels) also, but of all riflemen and Lancers. I won the battle with my army of Grenadiers and Dragoons (including two 12-pound cannon batteries) but losses were so horrific (about 80% and both 12-pound batteries) that I had no hope of holding the capital and subjugating GB, so I moved to undefended Wales (there was an army in Scotland), and I sued for peace. It was really cheap, something like 2000 gold--I say it was cheap because I couldn't get GB to look me in the eye without offering at least ten thousand in the turns before.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
So I came out with Wales, and in the years that followed I peacefully annexed the kingdoms that were previously under the control of GB (the Scandinavian countries and the low-land nations). I was able to liberate these countries during the war because GB had all her continental forces in the Iberian, battling a suddenly Nationalistic Tripoli, who's been giving all the majors a run for their money. Did you know they can build "Camel Lancers/Marksmen?" In my previous games Tripoli was swallowed up so fast, that they didn't develop much, but now they are truly a power-house.

Sorry I can't write more, the war with GB is the only one I've fought so far. France is subjugated, and Prussia in just hanging on with its capital province, but seems to always be in alliance with either GB or Austria. Austria is a real bear. It owns all of Italy and the Ottoman Empire, and is currently wresting Cairo from Tripoli. It's army is huge, she has three armies on every province that boarders mine--they are mostly Cav armies, but they are some Grenadiers mixed in, and in the interior she has similar armies--at least one in ever interior province. I am hoping that these armies starve out of existence--I know how top heavy those Cav armies can be when I played Austria a few day earlier, so I'm hoping there's some problems.

Currently, my goal is to undermine Austria by building Resistance Cells in its occupied territories. At least until I rebuild my elite armies, I won't stand a chance in a direct confrontation with them.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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