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AAR by joxer31 - French Empire (1789 - 1791)
January 1791
The flames of conflict have been ignited in Spain. How far will the inferno travel across Europe? How many countries will be engulfed in conflict this year? Too many questions and not enough answers. Only time will be the determining factor.

Research: Peaceful Annexation
Construction: Basic Foundry
Political: Relations Cooling
Military: Began training Hussars

The political world is turning to turmoil. Blood has been spilled and the sharks are beginning to circle. The British diplomats are becoming more arrogant each day as the relations between us are deteriorating at an alarming rate. Spies report that Britain has not moved her forces anywhere on her island. Wellington is still stationed in London and Barnard remains in Ireland. What is Great Britain up to?
February 1791
Research: Harbour Infrastructure
Construction: Basic Foundry
Political: Portugal withdraws
Military: completed training

Portugal has withdrawn her forces from southern Spain, but a peace has not been negotiated. Is there more fighting to come on the peninsula? The first cavalry recruits have completed their training. Their presence on the battlefield will help balance the hordes of militia that are prevalent on today’s fields.
March 1791
Research: Harbour Infrastructure
Construction: Basic Foundry
Political: Spanish army destroyed
Military: WAR!

The last Spanish army was destroyed in a brilliant move by the Portuguese. Spain moved her army into Andalusia to secure the territory. The trap was sprung. Two Portuguese armies moved into the region and annihilated the last vestiges of Spanish resistance in the region. The assembly now smells a quick and easy victory to secure Spain without firing a shot. The make a shrewd move and secure a Right of Passage with Batavia securing her northern border. Capitaine Bonaparte, Murat, and Soult march south toward the border as France has declared war with Spain!
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
April 1791
Research: Trade Infrastructure
Political: Portugal makes peace
Military: Officer training

Portugal has made peace with Spain and annexes Andalusia as her prize. The campaign has begun in Spain. Bonaparte and Soult crossed the Pyrenees into Catalonia and Murat into Aragon. Neither met with any notable resistance and have secured the surrounding regions. The general assembly secured a Defensive Alliance with Piedmont to ensure that France is not invaded as her army is completely committed to the war with Spain. The tension mounts with Britain as she did not take the news of our war with Spain as a good sign of things to come.
May 1791
Reseach: Trade Infrastructure
Political: War with Hanover
Military: Army occupies Madrid

The army sensing a quick victory moves on the undefended capital of Spain and prepares the long tedious task of subjugating the populace. In a surprisingly aggressive move, Hanover has declared war with France and makes preparations to invade. This does not bode well as Paris is undefended and her armies abroad. In another unfortunate turn of events, the Spanish fleet has been spotted sailing into the Bay of Biscay. The crew of the Pluton readies the ship for action. The Spanish sloop, Santisima Trinidad attempted to flee but the Pluton ran her down and challenged her to a contest.
Pluton vs Santisima Trinidad - 15th May 1791
The sky darkened, the rain intensified, and the winds howled. It was as if the seas new a battle was to be fought this day and tried to keep the forces from shedding blood.

Our capitaine looked through his glass to notice that the Trinidad had already seen action on the high seas and has been badly damaged as the smoke billows from her decks. A slightly upturned corner of his mouth signifies his pleasure of the situation as he can almost feel the prize money weighing in his pocket.

The capitaine ordered chain shot be loaded into the cannon to disable the Trinidad to slow her down and be boarded.

With the advantage of the wind gauge, the capitaine ordered the Pluton in a direct line with the Trinidad and received a face full of round shot at the bow. Little damage scored as the Spanish fired their broadside too early and were now steering larboard to escape our reply. Our broadside struck home with tremendous accuracy but did not seem to phase the Trinidad in her sailing capacity. The capitaine then ordered grape into the cannons.

This would seem our only victory as our capitaine then continued to make blunders in his attempts to close the distance and board the Trinidad.

The two ships circled each other like to fighters squaring off. Each exchanging shots. The Pluton receiving the worse of the beatings. The capitaine was frustrated at his failed attempts to close and board and so ordered the Trinidad sunk!

The crew groaned as the loaded the cannon with round shot to end the duel. The Trinidad did not last long after that final order was given and was sent to the bottom of the ocean, along with all of her crew.
June 1791
Research: Basic Cavalry
Construction: Primary Schools

Madrid is under firm control of the military and is only a matter of time before the whole of the country is under our influence. Champagne has been invaded by the evil armies of Hanover. Capitaine Lannes has just graduated from the academy and awaits troops to defend the capital. In response, a battalion of Fusiliers have been rushed into training to defend the capital. In some troubling news, our ally Piedmont has not fulfilled her end of the Defensive Alliance and declared war on Hanover. Nor has the Helvetian Republic. Have we been betrayed?
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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