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AAR by Azharas Knight - Prussian Empire
Game Type: Score victory
Diffuculty: Medium
Nation: Prussia
Current Date: July 1793
Government Type: Pre-revolutionary - 1st Era
Territorial and Economic Situation:

Well, this game started of quite well, my economy was thriving superbly, even though I advanced Trade Branches very late. My alliance consisted of Saxony and after a while Poland. After about 2 years the game really begun. Poland declared war on me. It invaded Silesia with 1 battalion of militia and two of line infantry. My army was quite weak but still I countered easily and when they saw my men coming they fled, I followed but was ambushed losing 177 men, they lost all three militia battalions. Now the remainder of my army entered Poland, which was defended by nothing but 3 militia battalions. They were beaten but it cost me a whole battalion of Lancers. Now began the EXTREMELY SLOW annexation of Poland. I only had about 120 men stationed there and they revolted, a few times really, forcing me to retreat.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
I returned in force but was now invaded by England, who had Hannover. I beat them easily (2 militia battalions vs 1 lancer +1 musketeers, I left 1 battalion of Musketeers in Poland). I pushed further into Hanover, liberating it, what did very well to my sympathy rating. Hanover was invaded a turn later by France and Annexed. I, finally annexed Poland after 5 more turns and started rebuilding it's military academy and basic barracks. My army was also up to level.

Now something peculiar happened. Austria suddenly lost most of its territory to Moldavia and after the peace with them they were invaded by France who crushed them. With one battalion however they beat 3 full French armies (3 captains). I saw my chance and declared war, taking Bohemia from them. Still I didn't subjugate them, with France and Russia being tanks it might be dangerous and I plan on using them from now on as a tool to defeat Moldavia.

Thatís the status now, I made peace with the Austro-Swedish alliance and as I said, I plan on making a coalition with Austria giving them a chance again on regaining territory (and taking some myself).
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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