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New English flag - 21 Dec 2005

Officerpuppy has released a small mod for England. This time, the flag that all English soldiers and ships carry on the campaign map have been changed to the post 1801 flag.

You can download the English menu flag mod in our database.

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Change in forum registration - 17 Dec 2005

Hello all,

I've decided to change the forum registration a bit after we've discovered an increase of people registering just to have a link in their profile to some website. Now if they would pay us to put their ads up we'd consider it (hey it helps fund this thing + gets you guys & gals free stuff) but now it's just a big nono, we don't want people spamming their link in our community.

Therefore now when you register you'll have to await admin approval for your account. We'll be checking this on a regular basis in order to make sure that those who genuinely want to be part of the community don't encounter problems.

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Play as Spain mod cont... - 13 Dec 2005

I recently joined another IG forum which is in Spanish to talk and meet other modders that may not speak English.

As some of you may recall, there was a mod released by Lusitano called  Mod SPAIN 1.03 "Militians". You can find a Eidos post pertaining to this mod here.

While on this Spanish forum, I found out that a new version has been released, 1.04. At a hefty download of 50mb, the changes and improvments to 1.03 is too numerous to tell, you can download it and try it for youself here.

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Let us hear your voice! - 08 Dec 2005
Hello greedy visitors! Since you're all so greedy we want to know from you how we could improve TAFN even further. We've always striven to give the communty what they want and we will always continue doing that. Since we can't read the minds of people (I've suggested Rutam to ask one of the fortune-tellers which you can find on every corner of the street in his country, but he said they're all quacks) we want to hear your voice! Share us your thoughts by leaving behind a comment to this news post, or hit our boards and give us your opinion there. Any feedback is welcome, thanks!
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Review updated - 07 Dec 2005

Because I think some people just love to have a score in a review I've added a rating of some sort. There's still no numbers in there but this should make the most of you happy and make it look a bit more like a review as well

Anyway you can check it out here .

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Two new mods coming soon. - 07 Dec 2005

Officerpuppy has created two new mods which are pending addition to the file database.

From the readme's:

Papal States mod: This mod adds a new Papal flag *post 1808*, adds new flags to all three naval ships, and adds a new flag to the soldiers on the field. It also replaces all infantry and cavalry units. The Elite unit is that of the Helvetian Republic. It also replaces the default officers on the map.

Navy Crew mod: This mod replaces the people aboard naval ships for England, France. It adds an English Navy officer and Royal Marine, French Naval officer and soldier.

Also included in the Navy Crew mod are a US officer, Marine and sailor skin, plus a list of US ship names as well.

UPDATE: The files are now in our database and ready for download.

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TAFN Re-Launched! - 03 Dec 2005

With hot violin strings, playing ride of the valkyries and trumpets blowing out ecstasy of gold.. TAFN comes riding back, back from a rich past, and awaiting a new future. Of course it isn't just an orchestral cacophony, this is the very moment of our relaunch! Welcome to the The Allied Forces Network!

With a brand new look, and a fresh direction to our motion, TAFN promises to bring you the best in niche gaming. Well let's get started on the network tour. First off..if you are reading this, it obviously means you are either on - (formerly :

or (formerly :

Kindly change your bookmarks to these new addresses, unless you are feeling rather lazy and/or would like to melt in old sub-domainic nostalgia.

As you can see, TAFN has undergone a huge design change (you could smell it from a thousand servers away). We have opted for a fixed hybrid; table & table less layout. It is optimised for 1024x768, but can be viewed on resolutions lower than that without any significant drawbacks (what I actually mean by that is, you need to buy a new monitor if you are still on 800x600). The colours still remain in the monochromas, rest assured being colourblind won't spoil your surfing experience on TAFN! If you feel that your time here is being wasted, kindly refrain from contacting any of the staff. That would defeat the original purpose and expedite the climax of boredom. If you are with me, we can read on (and admire how Gordon is being troubled by an army of ferocious TAFN logos)...

Our old network URL : (yep, stays the same, but with a new design ;)

Back in 2001-02 TAFN boasted a community of over 3800 members, after many updates & database changes we had to relaunch our forums in early 2004.. although the original community was lost, we are trying hard to promote our discussion area, we currently have over 200 active members, and you could help us in our humble goal of getting the community back up and running. I am aware of the fact that 3800 members is a lot, and since we would like to do everything legitimately, kindly put an end to all thoughts of registering on the forums under different profiles. We can even allow discussions praising Doom3, but smurfing around would test our open-mindedness on these issues.

One new development at TAFN is that we will be serving standard size ads from now on. All these years we had a strict no-advertising policy. But it had to change considering the evolutionary changes, e-commerce and internet businesses have had over these past few years. I hope the ads aren't too intrusive, it is merely an addition to the 'wealth' of the content we have :) These will also help us sponsor site exclusive contests...and who doesn't like getting free stuff? (define "stuff" so that the meaning stays in the realm of innocence)

Feel free to ramble around, and drop in a comment if you like what you see (this very post inclusive.. it took me around a minute to write the whole thing and just about an hour correcting the grammar). Keep watching this space (above this post..) for there are many exclusives coming your way.. I think I see some new screenshots on the horizon :)

I trust you will enjoy the overall experience... interact with the staff.. join our community, do whatever you want.. just don't drink and surf!

Visit our Forums or check out our new Files Database

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Country switches - 02 Dec 2005

A common request in the forums for a sequel has been to be able to play as more countries.

This mod let's you play as: Batavia, Egypt, Ottomanian empire, Poland, Saxony, Sweden and Tunesia!

Quite a list, download it here

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