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TAFN review - Well it became more of a column... (page 1/2)
I decided to step away from the traditional concept of a review as you can find those on every site and Iím not good at writing in a lengthy way about something thatís positive. So now that youí ve been waiting for so long I bring you something in my own - as I like to call it - unique style. For an overview of the game I suggest to check out sickís preview as it sums everything up nicely, and thereís no point in repeating it. Iíll use this opportunity mainly to comment on a few gripes that certain people have/had with the game. Click here to jump straight to the actual review and skip the column which became lengthier than initially imagined.

To end the intro, my apologies to everyone for the fact that it took so long before we had a review on the site.

Iím going start off with writing down the reasons why I think some people complain on the forums about the game, why they donít like it and my views on it.

One of the main reasons people are unhappy with the game is because some people had certain (unrealistic) expectations about the game that were not fulfilled. A lot of the comments and posts in the patch suggestions thread are/were to request features that were used in Rome Total War. Whereas thereís absolutely no harm in people requesting those features, and comparing games is a natural thing to do, I find it a bit of pity that rather than appreciating the game for not being a clone and using unique elements, the game gets shot for it.

Next --> as promised a few of the most asked features/complaints below and my take on it:

Thereís no Pause and Command:
I assume that this feature does not need much explanation as itís pretty clear what its job is. Tell the enemy to hold on and not attack for a second while you issue your orders. When there are posts of people stating the incorrectness of uniforms and the lack of realism itís a bit odd for people to request such a thing. To me itís an unnecessary feature and the fact that itís not included in the game doesnít bother me. I can in a way understand that people wouldíve liked this but I donít think itís a must have, and in the end its Pyroís game, theyíve designed it this way because they thought it would be the best for their game. While I brought up the uniforms, this is taken from an interview which we had in February:
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
"Do you concern getting things historically correct as important? For example, many history buffs don’t like the standardisation of the Empire’s uniform colours. Will there be an option to display the Empire’s uniforms as how they really were in that time?. "
FC: We’ve always been really concerned about being as accurate as possible. That’s why we have made a lot of research and worked with historian experts in this time period, to be sure we didn’t make outrageous errors. Though, we’re making a game, which means that the gameplay always comes first. Also, the game starts in 1789 but can end in 1840 (or even much later if there is no winner), so it was impossible for us to display the changes in uniforms for each army all over this time period, not mentioning the flags, borders, etc… without giving the player 3 full DVD to install and expending another two years working in the game. We saw on our forum a long debate between some history experts about the colour of the paint used on the English cannons wheels! It is sure some of them will not be pleased by the necessary adjustments we had to make to have a consistent and user friendly gameplay.
Speed control:
The battles being to fast, taking to long for the troops to march to strategic points,.. Not an issue anymore as the patch fixed this by adding the option to increase & decrease the speed.

Thereís no morale:
This one is not completely true. There is morale to a certain extent but there isnít as much of morale as many wouldíve liked it to be. The main gripe is the fact that units do not (most of the time) retreat from the battle when thereís no change of winning and keep fighting to the death. Whereas this is apparently not realistic, itís a design decision which aids the gameplay. Personally I like it this way, when I command my troops to attack the enemy I donít want them to suddenly run away. That wouldnít be fun, my troops doubting my tactical orders and running of. Furthermore the fighting to the death scenario and not being able to retreat your troops out of the fight means youíll have to think twice before issuing your commands.

Thereís no support from the devs:
These statements are false. While itís true that there arenít any people from Pyro posting on the forums (you canít blame them really if you read some of the posts), it is not true that they donít care about the game. Iíll just give a few examples of the support for the game. (see next page)
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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