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You have to admit, the water looks brilliant. Another great detail is how water splashes up at the front of a ship, and the track ship leaves behind. Even though it misses the variation found in the land battles, itís still an eye-candy.< br>There are 3 types of ships, namely the Sloop (small), the Frigate (medium) and the Ship of the Line (large.) The larger the ship, the more devastating firepower it has, though the smaller the ship, the faster and more manoeuvrable it is. And you surely want to get away quickly when a Ship of the Line comes side by side by your Sloop. Youíre lucky when youíre sailing the same direction as the wind, which will add a great boost to the speed of your ship which should constantly be taken in to account while moving your ship.
You can shoot starboard and larboard separately, and by moving a slider you can narrow the line of sight so your shots will be more precise. There are 3 types of ammo: Cannonball ammo (targets the hull), Grapeshot ammo (targets the crew) and Chain ammo (targets the sails.) Targeting the hull will make the ship to sink, targeting the crew will lengthen the reload time of the cannons and targeting the sails will make the ship immobile.
The type of ammo you use totally depends on the situation. I wouldnít try targeting the hull of a Ship of the Line with my Sloop, instead I would target the crew so it will lose firepower, or target the sails so it would eventually come to a halt and I can have some fun time turkey shooting.
An important thing is that YOU are the one that has to follow the enemy ship and not vice versa, because otherwise your ship will surely take damage when trying to get behind it again. Being behind the enemy ship will make it much easier to get it in your line of sight, and it isnít difficult either to stay behind it, thatís why this is so important. You might as well try boarding the enemy ship and take it over. The success of such operation totally depends on the size of the crew you are going to face.
The thing I missed in the engagements where you control a big fleet (6 is the maximum) was a Pause & Command option. Luckily Iím not really a fan of this option as it takes away the speed and excitement. However I found it pretty hard to control 3 ships at the same time.

Apart from the campaign mode you can also choose to play quick battles, historic battles and multiplayer mode. In the quick battles you can choose to play on any of the battle maps. Youíll be asked to choose an Empire for the attacking and the defending side, where you can assign troops to. Each unit costs a certain amount of money and as you expected, you have a limited budget. You can as well auto-buy units by the computer. Then you can also adjust the experience level of a certain unit and enable certain advancements which will for example enable the square formation.
This preview build contains 5 historic battles, being the battle of Waterloo, of Friedland, of Austerlitz, of Salamanca and of the Pyramids. All these battles will reflect the ďas exact as the game engine allows itĒ layout, original settings, composition of the different armies, as they were on the battlefield. This gives a little problem though: sometimes units are scattered around on the battlefield which will make it hard for you to keep track of them. So like in the naval battles a Pause & Command option is sometimes welcome.
After all the single play you might want to prove yourself in the multiplayer mode. Connecting can be done through LAN, an IP address or GameSpy. You can play all the land battles, sea battles and historic battles from the game. The maximum amount of players is set to 4, which seems ok to me. I was going to play against my brother, but all of the sudden the coward didnít want to anymore, so I canít tell you much more about this modeÖ
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Well, itís time to make an end to this preview (more looks like an extended review but what the heck!) Even though this wasnít the final build I had lots of fun. I managed to beat the game using Great Britain on the friendliest way (pumping money in countries) and now started to play with France on the brutal way (invading countries.) The friendliest way cost me almost a week to finish (I spent many hours per day on it), so I guess the brutal way will take much longer since you have to fight for each province.
If you take the different play styles and the choice of 5 playable Empires the sum will be weeks of play time. And then we havenít taken the quick battles, historic battles and multiplayer mode in account yet, which will again add greatly to the time youíll be enjoying this game. Even though the maps and are greatly detailed, vegetation which Pyro Studios decided to make 2d isnít as good. However the greatly looking units pays off for that. The music in the game, once again composed by Mateo Pascual, adds a great atmosphere to the game, which will immerse you into it and makes you forget the time. Heck! At some moment I even felt like going back in time and made me think I was Napoleon! Thanks to all those things I mentioned this game has a lot of potential and is going to be worth every cent I spend on it (unless they send me a review copy, of course. ) I havenít talked about the Tutorials, but these are far from finished for the moment. Letís just say there are tutorials for the management mode, land and sea battles. Apart from this the game only needs some little tweaks here and there, but with only one single crash Iím very satisfied and look forward to the full game, which will be available worldwide on the 20th of May! Until then you have to do it with some freshly added screenshots and 3 in-game movies which can be downloaded from GamersHell.

Please take note that this information isn't based on the final game and things might get changed before the game goes "gold." For an even better view of the game we suggest you also read our FAQ, which is updated frequently.

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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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