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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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A nice feature in the game is Quests. For it to become available you have to research it on the research tree. Completing quests gives great advantages to your Empire. Let’s take the “Agrarian Revolution” for example. In order to complete this quest you need to have created 3 land routes. Your reward when completing this quest will be that your land units will not need to consume food for a period of 12 turns. In total there are 16 quests which you can unlock. For each there are different objectives, and rewards will vary too.

One person might want to play the game in a friendly way, while the other one wants to play it in the brutal way. The great thing is that this game is accessible for both.
The friendliest way is by building a Consulate in the capital of a neutral country, which activates the possibility of peaceful annexation. This means that when the sympathy level towards your Empire from that country reaches 100%, which is easily done by pumping money in their country, they will bow to your might without any military resistance, and you get full control over their land and army. It’s a rather expensive way though.
The brutal way is by declaring war on a country, and invading it with your forces. The downside of this is that sympathy towards your Empire will drop dramatically all over the continent and you must be sure to have sufficient forces. Because when you slaughtered the enemy you will need a time of annexation before you get full control over the country. The time needed for this will depend on the troops you maintain in the country. During the annexation, the people of that country will raise a patriot army against you. If you don’t manage to defeat them, annexation will fail.

Enough about the management model now, let’s move on to the jewel of the game: the land and naval battles. When you decide to attack enemy forces, you can choose either to auto resolve the battles in the game, or have the opportunity to take control of the army yourself, and fight the enemy in real-time 3D battles.
The first thing that leaps out is the beauty of game engine. Since the game covers the whole of Europe and a chunk of Africa, the landscape and weather conditions are different in each region. This gives a great variety and not a single map looks the same, which will impress you each time you load up a new map. Actually, both the maps and the units are incredibly detailed, which makes the game more natural looking. Since I’m no history-buff I can’t say if everything is historically correct, but I can tell you I’m really impressed by Pyro Studios’ work: each unit type has a different set of skins and animations, which again gives a great variety to the game. Faces look different, clothes are dirty and have sand on it, even the way each soldier holds his weapon is different. Also there are different animations for attacking the enemy, be it melee as well as ranged attacks.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Some troops can take up different formations, being line formation, column formation and square formation. Before a certain troop unit can take up another formation it sometimes has to be researched on the research tree first (I think you’re starting to see the importance of the research tree by now.) Then there is also a possibility to have group formations.
You can get your men covered by hiding in structures, behind fences, inside forest, etc. These have great strategic importance, as they give both a defensive as well as an attacking advantage. You also might find yourself in a pool of mud in the middle of a charge, which will decrease your speed dramatically and thus your attack will do much less damage. There are more things that affect your troops’ mobility, like steep hills, snow and even breaking ice!
The AI of the enemy is pretty good. Since they’re controlled by the computer they “know” every strategic point, but that’s what makes this game challenging. They also try ambushing you, by attacking from different sides. This is where your great leadership comes to the test, as you have to protect your artillery very well (with their bouncing cannon balls!), also be sure your ranged-attacking infantry stays out of melee combat as long as possible. And after all this blood spilling, you want to have enough cavalry left to quickly eliminate the enemy’s artillery when the full scale attack starts, which will otherwise do great damage to your army.
There might be better tactics, but this one worked out best for me. It is important that you find a good tactic, because it will surely decide if you’re going to win the war or not. Even with a much smaller army you have chances of surviving, as long as you use a good tactic.
This pretty much concludes the land battles, so man your posts and set sail to the sea battles!
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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